Title   Muggleton's last will & testament (who died Novemb. 30, 1679) : being an absolute and real recantation of his former notorious blasphemous doctrine : together with several Christian instructions in order to refrain the same, shewing the eternal woe and damnable misery of all such who offer to seduce poor, ignorant souls, and the danger which infallibly accompanies such kind of false prophets, of which he accounts himself the chief : published for a caution to all ignorant and seduced people
Author   J.B. (believed to be James Bedloe)
Year of Publication   1679
Links   This document can be downloaded here
This work is purported to be the work of Muggleton, it is however clearly a misattributed anti Muggletonian polemical work. The work states that Muggleton died on Nov 20 1679 when of course he lived on for a further nineteen years.


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