The Acts of the Witnesses: the autobiography of Lodowick Muggleton and Other Early Muggletonian Writings
T L Underwood
Year of Publication   1999

This book contains extracts from early Muggletonian sources, mostly from the bequests made to the British Library. This is very much a preliminary examination of the available documents and the editor states that "This treasury of sources awaits the further examination of enterprising scholars".

This book contains:

  • The Acts of the Witnesses (1699) by Lodowick Muggleton
  • A Transcendent Spiritual Treatise (1652) by John Reeve and Lodowick Muggleton
  • The Articles of True Faith (1675) by John Saddington
  • The White Divell Uncased (1704) by Thomas Tomkinson
  • Various letters and songs
  • Differences between the 1656 and 1661 editions of "A Divine Looking-Glass"

This book contains some very interesting works in a modern font, retaining the original spellings. Elements of the contents are very hard to obtain and it is therefore a very worthwhile volume. The editors wish that future scholars would examine the available documents was fulfilled in the form of William Lamont's excellent work "Last Witnesses".


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